Bottom dot keyboard
Wireless keybaord-CK358G
June 21, 2021
wireless white shinning mouse
Wireless mouse-CM9005G
June 21, 2021

Wireless keyboard -CK308G


General features
− Totally Wireless freedom
− 2.4GHZ FSK Technology
− 34channels in hopping with 2 group form
− 2.408GHZ-2.474GHZ
− keyboard 10-meter operation range
− Low battery indicators
Electrical Specification
Operation angle: 360 degrees
Operation distance: 10meter for keyboard
Receiver power requirement: 5V dc from USB port
Interface: USB 2.0 Low speed
RF frequency: 2.4GHz (2.408~2.474GHz)
RF modulation: FSK
Hopping type: FHSS (frequency hopping Spread
RF channel: 34channels IS hopping with 2group form
RF bandwidth: 1MHz
RF output power: 0dBm
Battery type: Two AAA alkaline for keyboard
Battery capacity: 650mAh 3V
Operation: < 6 mA Standby: < 1.5 mA Sleep: < 0.1 mA Estimate battery life time: Working: 21.45HRS Sleeping: 2500HRS Part 4.0: Reliability Keyboard button switch activation 80,000,000 cycle Operating temperature: - 40 ~ 60 degrees Celsius Operating humidity: 0%-90% System Requirement Windows 2000 Or Windows XP. Windows ME .Vista WIN7/8/10 Buttons Keyboard: 104standard keys FN keys (FN+F1: Media FN+F2: volume down FN+F3: Volume UP, FN+F4: mute FN+F5: previous track FN+F6: next track FN+F7: Play/pause FN+F8: stop FN+F9:Web home FN+F10: E-mail FN+F11: My computer FN+F12: favorites) Weight: Keyboard:563g±10 g (Battery included) Receiver:1.6±1g