4 cable mouse
June 21, 2021
front cable mouse
Wired Optical Mouse CM5037T
June 21, 2021

Wired Optical Mouse CM5033T


General Features
– Deluxe shape for desk top or NB Computer
– Optical tracking engine no moving parts
– 1000 dpi precision (default)
– 3buttons and can be programmable by professional driver
Mechanical performance
Buttons: 3buttons with scroll wheel
Weight: 100±10g
Electrical specification
Interface: USB 2.0 Low speed Compliance Single 5.0 volts power supply Insulation materials: PVC
One chip USB Optical mouse sensor with VCSEL Integrated in single package Resolutions: 1000DPI
Conductor impedance: ≤381Ω/km,20℃ Insulation impedance: ≥10MΩ,20℃
High speed motion detection at 45 inches per second (IPS) and acceleration up to 20g
Withstand voltage test:≥500VAC/min Operating mode : ≤50MA
Button switch activation: 1000,000 cycle
Scroll wheel encoder activation: 200,000 cycle
Operating force of mouse buttons 60±10g
Operating force of wheel scrolling 20±10g
Operating temperature:-5-40 degrees Celsius
Conductor material:30#Tinned copper wire, Operating humidity: 20%-90%
Life testing of wire swaying:≥3000times The Weight of 200g,From side to side 60°
Wire rod structure:30#4C+aluminum foil +land +Weave
System Requirement
Windows2000/Windows XP,Windows ME , Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10