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June 18, 2021
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Wired Optical Mouse CM5033T
June 21, 2021


Best Mouse Manufacturers in China

Tired of using or selling an old-fashioned mouse with a new PC or laptop? If yes then look no further as you have reached your final destination. COMAT Electronic has been the best mouse manufacturer in China since 1996. We have all the firepower to get your order delivered within time regardless of the quantity punched.
Why Our Mouse
Stop mouse chasing. Our mouse’s trackball stays in one place and you get the control under your thumb. Thus you don’t need to move your arm for your cursor movement. Also, our mouse has a sculpted shape that supports your hand for easy control all day.

Best Mouse Manufacturers

We are among the top mouse manufacturers because our trackballs include the unifying receiver. The wireless tiny receiver stays in the laptop, so you don’t need to unplug it while moving around. Also, you can comfortably add any number pad, compatible keyboard, or mouse.
You can comfortably go for more than 12 months without a battery change. Also, the easy battery indicator aids in ensuring you will not be caught off guard- never! Further, the battery life might vary on the basis of computing conditions and users.
Best Control
As a reliable and the best mouse manufacturer, we offer you an accurate and the desired cursor control wherever you need in using your trackball. Cozy sofas, hard tables, and lumpy beds are absolutely no issue for the M570.
If you need a stylish wired mouse for your laptop or desktop computer, try Comat Electronic’s mouse. Being one of the top mouse manufacturers, we offer mice that are ergonomically designed that can fit in any hand comfortably.
With high-res optical technology, these mice offer precise and smooth tracking.
Desirable Colors
To be a unique and the best mouse manufacturer, we know color can be a major deal-breaker. Therefore, we offer you to choose between White, Silver, Black, Red, or Blue in a glossy and sleek finish.
What Sets Us Apart from Other Mouse Manufacturers
Pricing- That’s It!
We know the main thing a client shows concern about is the price. We make sure we offer the price that no other mouse manufacturers can offer in the market.


General Features
– Deluxe shape for desk top or NB Computer
– Optical tracking engine no moving parts
– 1000 dpi precision (default)
– 3buttons and can be programmable by professional driver

Mechanical performance
Operating force of mouse buttons 60±10g
Operating force of wheel scrolling 20±10g
Buttons: 3buttons with scroll wheel
Weight: 62g
Cable: 1.6 meter OD 2.5
Electrical specification
Interface:USB 2.0 Low speed Compliance
One chip USB Optical mouse sensor with VCSEL Integrated in single package
Single 5.0 volts power supply
High speed motion detection at 45 inches persecond(ips)and acceleration up to 20g
Resolutions:1000 DPI
Button switch Activation :1000,000 cycle
Scroll wheel encoder activation:300,000 cycle
Operating temperature:-5-40 degrees celsius
Operating humidity:20%-90%
System Requirement
windows2000,windows ME,windowsXP,VISTA,WIN7