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June 21, 2021


The Best Keyboard Manufacturer in Town

Need a keyboard supplier that can strike a balance between quality and price? If yes, then this is the webpage you need to read till the end. Comat Electronic has been in the industry of mouse and keyboard manufacturing since 1996 and is serving our clients with all our focus and passion.

Why Choose Comat Electronic as a Keyboard Supplier

Effortless and Comfortable Typing:

Our external best pc keyboard is effective and simple. No fancy gadgets will ever be applied. Our concave keys always allow you in typing comfortably and efficiently.

Low Profile But Robust:

With .79″, we are among the keyboard manufacturing companies that prefer the sleek design in addition to the workspace while offering the durability and capabilities of conventional bulky keyboards.

As the best keyboard manufacturer, we try to do our magic with the quality and not with the profile. Thus, we might have a low profile as the best pc keyboard supplier, but we have the quality to speak on our behalf.

Simple and Easy To Use:

No worries or hassle, our wired computer keyboard is plug-and-play. You only need to plug the USB cord into the device and boom… It is ready to use as a desktop or a laptop keyboard. Will you find any other keyboard manufacturers like us?

Our Mission:

At Comat Electronic client satisfaction is a priority. We stand apart from other keyboard manufacturers. Thus, we always strive to offer quality mice and keyboards. You will receive lifetime support and a decent warranty with our keyboard.

What Sets us Apart from Other Keyboard Manufacturing Companies

As a best keyboard manufacturer, our keyboards are meant to serve the end-user for a long time. This is the main reason why most of the keyboard manufacturing companies lag us behind. Our clients say that our keyboards are tough and they can use them as a weapon against zombies- not only to defend but also to write the experience afterward.


We know detail matters. To keep ourselves among the top keyboard manufacturers, we bring out the best through our experience.

We consider every element of our product. We hold a thorough staff meeting to test the sound, precise feel, and reactivity of every keystroke until we get the feeling of complete satisfaction.

As the best computer keyboard supplier, we offer high-quality feel, touch, look, sound, and experience.

Arguably, Comta Electronic offers the best computer keyboard, either for PC or laptop. Contact us to know further.


General features
The MX83063H solution is the standard USB and U+P
Keyboard control chip. Support IBM PC AT, IBM PS2
And USB compatible keyboard。
Electrical Specification
﹒Interface: USB 2.0 Low speed Compliance
﹒Insulation materials: PVC
﹒Output voltage : 4.4V~5.5V
﹒Operating mode : ≤50MA
﹒Conductor impedance: ≤381Ω/km,20℃
﹒Insulation impedance: ≥10MΩ,20℃
﹒Withstand voltage test:≥500VAC/min
﹒Keyboard button switch activation
10,000,000 cycles
﹒Operating temperature :-5-40 degrees
﹒Operating humidity: 20%-90%