Enough of short-lasting and fingers-soaring keyboards and mice? If yes, then look no further as we are the right solution to these types of problems. Comat Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Limited has been the top Chinese keyboard and mouse supplier. We have the ability and workforce to produce top-quality PC

What We Offer

We have a product line that includes:
wireless keyboard
wireless mouse
• wired mouse
• wired keyboard

Why Choose Us

Comat Electronic has its manufacturing factory in Shenzhen, China. Its business climate is a refreshing one and helps our workforce to bring out their best potential.
What makes us unique from our competitors is our professionalism, which is unmatched. Comat Electronic remains engaged in manufacturing flawless and lasting mice and keyboards with a focused approach.
Based on professional efforts, we enjoy the reputation that leads us to garner customer loyalty.
Our Vision
Our vision revolves around getting appreciation for our mice and keyboards used based on quality. Therefore, we ensure via our manufacturing facility in producing error-free PC products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? We are based in Shenzhen, China
Do you receive bulk orders?
Yes! We are a B2B supplier and we accept orders in bulk quantity
Do you entertain overseas customers?
Yes! Through our 24/7 operational website, we accept orders from outside China

Top Quality Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Supplier and Manufacturer

Comat Electronic has been among the leading brands in China for a quality wireless keyboard and mouse. We have the right resources, either human or technical, to produce high-quality PC items.
Our best wireless keyboard and mouse follow your movement for considerable work time.
How We Offer the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Portable, Compact, and Sleek Design
We offer the right color wireless keyboard and mouse that makes your work lovely and more active. With our mouse and keyboard, you can easily say goodbye to a dull chunky color keyboard. Through our products, you will enjoy work by being wireless.
Portable and Compact Design
Our wireless keyboard and mouse are thin with ONLY 18mm thickness alongside the combo lightweight. We offer the best portability as our mouse and keyboards only take up minimal space in a computer bag. Your users can easily use it everywhere!
Ergonomic Design
We offer the best wireless keyboard and mouse that offer the angle tilt, which makes the components comfortable while in typing position. Why Choose Our Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
You don’t need an actual weight. However, our keyboard is light enough that you can carry it with one hand comfortably. Needless to mention, these are not that lightweight that you can move or slide them around your slick wooden table.
Both the keyboard and mouse are market competitive. The mouse is lightweight enough, slideable around the table without a mouse pad.
You will get no lag with our mouse at all. It is swift to move around the zips and screens along with like a bullet. The lag is simply not a head-scratching issue. Keyboard Sounds:
You will get somewhere between quiet ad noise as we don’t make a tall claim like we offer “super quiet” keyboards. It's not completely quiet and it's not annoying. It's more a matter of tolerance.
Through our best wireless keyboard and mouse, you can comfortably change the cursor sensitivity of our cordless mouse depending upon the activities. Thus far, we have been selling our cordless mouse and keyboards, end users are loving these and so can you.


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